Chicken Wings with… Coke!!!

24 Luglio, 2014

One night, my friend Chan offered himself to cook a chinese dinner for us. “I’m not a good cooker at all, but my chicken wings are pretty tasty”. Despite the premise, let’s try chicken wings!

Talking about China all dinner long, here finally come chicken wings. So delicious and tasty. Bravo Chen! This chinese dish is one of the best things I tasted in China. They are salty, sweet and sour all at once.

Could I imagine that the “secret ingredient” was Coke?!? So surprised that I absolutely wanted the recipe. Here it is, the recipe he sent to me!

1.Cut the chicken wings like this, and also you can slit the meat on the surface for putting the taste inside the chicken wings.

recipes12.Put some oil in the pan with SMALL fire. When the oil is warm NOT so hot (you can put your hand above the pan to check the temperature), put the onion inside the pan.(if the oil is so hot then the onion will be burnt!)

3.Put the chicken wings in the pan.


4.Make the fire to the middle, put some salt on the chicken wings(the quantity is according to your own flavor),and turn the chicken wings over and over until the meats’ color turns from red to white which means the chicken wings are almost done.

5.Put some soya into the pan which will make the chicken wings fragrant, turn the chicken wings over for the taste of soya inside the meats. Then put the coke in the pan and just cover the chicken wings.



6.Put some sugar in the pan(also the quantity is according to your own flavor), stirring the coke to make all the material mixed. Then wait and KEEP EYES ON the chicken wings in case the meat burnt(especially you put more sugar in this).


7.Wait until the coke becomes viscous (a little more viscous than the picture showing below). Then it is done.


Thank you Chen! 😉

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